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Tourism 4.0

ICT Solutions for Thematic Tourism

  • Trip planning.
  • Interactive exploration of areas and routes.
  • Smart Touristic Villages and Disabled.
  • Sailing, Hunting and Gastronomic Experiences.

Augmented Reality in Tourism

  • Αn innovative ubiquitous platform for cultural routes, and different computing devices using cultural inventory of travelogue literature, the digital material of today’s travelers and new information and communication technology.
  • It will offer cultural interpretation services that combine the visit of an area with the acquaintance of the historically recorded and the contemporary touring experience.
  • Personalised recommendations.
  • AR presentation in visiting experience.
  • Marker-based AR technology.
  • Location based delivery of data stored.
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology available.

Digitise Heritage+

  • An innovative approach to creating new enriched tourist experiences.
  • Uses advanced technologies (360° photo and video, Augmented Reality, 3D scanning, modelling and printing, Simulated Reconstruction, …), hybrid skills of digital business model development, and strategic planning of digital transformation.
  • A social innovation, answering to the needs of society and local communities for sustainable development, communication of heritage values and reinforcement of the sense of belonging.