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Do Well Science

Extremely simple gameplay, like a puzzle game that can be played entirely using a one-button mouse or cellphone keypad Allowing gameplay during work breaks or, on public transportation or while waiting for the doctor with the ability to quickly reach a final stage, or continuous play with no need...

Cycling Western Greece

Support Eurovelo 8 Cycling Route. Dynamic Management of Points of Interest. Connection with the local economy through the promotion of regional enterprises.

Think Culture

Interactive exploration in areas or routes (360’ Spherical). Digital representation of exhibits, with multiple representations (still images, animation, videos) and different perspectives. Predefined thematic paths (physical paths or groups of items). List of exhibits (and their description)...

GIFT 2.0

Trip Planner in one Click!


Smart Touristic Villages and Disabled. Presentation of Accessible Infrastructures in Regional Level. Dynamically Points of Interest. Accessible touristic attractions. Presentation of Accessible Enterprises at a Regional Level.

Think Coastal

Integrated platform for Accessing "Blue" Experiences. Dynamically create yachting pathways. web platform responsible for the centralised content management (photos, videos, texts), route planning, recording stops and exhibits, user management, statistics. mobile app offers visitor’s experience...

Safe Hunter

Hunting Experiences. Protection against illegal hunting Environmental Alarm (reporting of fire, illegal hunting, illegal forest logging) Hunting and related information Maps, Geofencing and Legal issues Emergency Button SOS

Bottarga Stefos

Gastronomy Pathways. Promotion of Bottarga as a touristic product. #Visit and Taste. Online shop of local products. Collaboration with “Stefos” est 1962 (a family business in bottarga “industry”). A marketplace offering services and descriptions of the bottarga culture, products and the possible...


TRavelogue with Augmented Cultural and Contemporary Experience.